I started writing 21 years ago.

A local newspaper published a poem of mine which described the life of people in the villages. ‘चौपाल’ was selected as the best poem in the children’s category and it was probably what encouraged me to keep writing.


My adolescent works were published in magazines like, Champak, Balhans, Nandan and Chanda Mama. Small cash prizes convinced me that I could do more and the love of writing kept growing.

During my Mass Com days I wrote 10+ documentaries and 3 TV serials for PTC Punjabi and Doordarshan. At the same time, the genre and maturity of my poetry grew with my age and I won an award at the University Fest for my poem ‘सिसकियाँ’ on the brutal rape cases and social cruelty against women in India. It was a milestone in my writing career and I decided this was a passion I could not ignore.

With more than 300 poems and short stories I still kept feeling something was missing. I had a career in mass communication, a handsome salary, a busy family life and my focus waned for almost 5 years. The dream of writing a novel remained unfulfilled and I kept looking for inspiration.


Finally something happened to inspire me. An episode that fired the passion in me to tell a story. Writing a novel on contemporary social issues was always on my mind and this gave me the inspiration I needed.

Writing for me has never been a commercial pursuit. It is my way of impacting lives and trying to make a change in society. I want, that this novel reach people’s hearts and minds.

And I hope that I shall be able to continue doing this through my future stories.